Well-balanced project management is a key objective of AE Projects.

It is important that the business objectives of the project are clear to us and that our project managers are sensitive to the specific needs of our clients – from scheduling constraints and cost to internal communication and productivity.


A fundamental tenet of AE Projects is to work collaboratively with clients and contractors to identify and implement integrated construction management solutions. Safety, quality and environmental considerations underpin our philosophy.


AE Projects offers a wealth of practical experience in Value Delivery, Value Management and Value Engineering Techniques.


We apply best practice approaches to manage requirements, priorities and resources across whole projects or programmes. Combining a broad perspective with rigorous management of detail, we ensure that costs and timescales are kept under strict control.


Our aim is to provide greater predictability to projects and reductions in project costs and timescales through effective management of the design. This is complex due to the many interactions between owner, operator, engineering disciplines, estimating, scheduling, procurement and construction. We reduce the risk by understanding,
planning and then managing these facets.