AE Projects have developed a project management framework based on a leading practice risk based management principles.  Our approach seeks to optimise the project outcomes and project management resources by effectively addressing threats and realising opportunities whilst delivering your project.


Client tailored leading practice project management is a key objective of AE Projects.

It is important that our sponsors’ project drivers are clear to us and that our project personnel are sensitive to the expectations of our clients and the community – from project & design safety and environmental stewardship, stakeholder engagement and effective risk management. 

We will advise Owners’ teams to provide client specific project delivery advisory based on our clients’ framework or our own leading practice frameworks.

We will work with Owners’ teams to provide project functional expertise to supplement owners’ project management team requirements. Talk to us about ‘life of project’, ‘Project Management Office (PMO) start-up’ and other temporary engagements


A fundamental tenet of AE Projects is to work collaboratively with clients and contractors to identify and implement integrated construction management solutions. Safety, quality and environmental considerations underpin our philosophy.

Given our extensive history supporting existing operations we specialise in strategic construction planning in operating or shutdown Brownfields environments.


A core strength of AE Projects is the wealth of technical specialisation and experience in our capability areas, as such we are uniquely placed to provide strategic or innovative design advice to further optimise client project internal rates of return.

Value Delivery, Value Management and Value Engineering Techniques.


In order to ensure project targets are monitored and management is remains fully informed at all times, we apply leading practice project controls across projects or whole programmes.

Combining a broad perspective with rigorous management of detail to ensure strict control of; cost, scope, schedule, risk and the delivery of associated forecasts / trend analysis.  


Our aim is to provide greater predictability to projects and reductions in project costs and timescales through effective management of the design. This is complex due to the many interactions between owner, operator, engineering disciplines, estimating, scheduling, procurement and construction. We reduce the risk by understanding, planning and then managing these facets.